Chios Island

The Island

Chios is a magnificent island which is located on the northeast Aegean, very close to Asia Minor and opposite the Erytha peninsula, separated by the Chios Canal. The distance from the Port of Piraeus is about 165 miles. Chios can be reached by air in 30 minutes from Athens Airport and in 45 minutes from Thessloniki Airport. The climate in Chios is temperate and the warm summers are enhanced by a light sea breeze.

Its famous product is mastic which is extracted from the mastic trees, a variety that grows in the southern part of the island and nowhere else in the world!

Chios offers a great variety of beautiful beaches, more than 30 monasteries and many medieval villages worth visiting.

Access to Chios Island is fairly easy by either sea or air. Daily, ferry boats sail from Piraeus port, a 6.30 to 8 hours journey. The ferry companies operating are NEL lines, Blue Star Ferries and Hellenic Seaways. By air, a 30 minutes flight from Athens Airport flying Aegean Airlines, and a 45 minutes flight from Thessaloniki Airport flying Astra Airlines. There is also Sky Express that flies to Chios from Rhodes, Samos, and Mytilene. There are also charter flights during summer time from other European countries.

Must See & Do

There are many things to see and do on Chios.

Hiking between the Mastic villages of Mesta, Olympi and Pyrgi is heartily recommended.

Cave of Olympi (near the so-called village), is also worth visiting.

Nea Moni monastery should not be missed. Anavatos is a deserted stone-made medieval settlement built on the top of a rocky cliff. The village for strategic and protection purposes, was built from the cliff's stones, therefore could not be seen from a distance.

Chios Bike Ride is a fresh proposal to discover Kampos.

Chios Beaches

There are plenty of beaches on Chios. If you go around the island, there are great opportunities to find your own beach. Pebbled or sandy, Agia Dinami, Elinda, Trahili and Fana is among them. Don't hesitate to drive around to find what fits you most.

The most popular beaches are Karfas, Komi and Mavra Volia, all located south of Chios. Karfas hosts most of the island's tourist hotels and there are plenty of tavernas, restaurants, tourist shops and a wide range of water sports. Komi and Mavra Volia are offered for fun and relaxation.


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